Summary for English readers

We believe it is important to care for sexuality.

We care and therefore invest in:

Confidence, Knowledge and skills – to make personal choices
Access – to complete and reliable information about sexuality
Respect – for cultural, religious and personal differences
Empowerment – for every man, woman and child

The Care for Sexuality Foundation invests in sexual health by sharing knowledge and expertise about sexuality. We develop methods and materials and we cooperate with other organisations in creating and implementing effective sexual health and relationship education. The Care for Sexuality Foundation works from a health-based perspective.

Our key values are Respect, Safety and Autonomy.

Sexual Health and Relationship Education is about getting to know yourself, accepting yourself and being able to protect yourself – and the other. By making reliable information accessible we invest in a society which enables people to be sexual healthy and to engage in safe relationships.

The Care for Sexuality Foundation is established by Arjet Borger. She is a Health Scientist and author of several books about sexuality. You can read more about her work on her personal website.